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Full Version: Toronto Meets - Masiv Mondays
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Hello Everyone!!
Because the Weather is good, it is time to start back up
the open monday meets!

Last year i met sangriared and nefcanuck
it was good to meet u guys, but there is gonna need to be some better turn out from you guys for this year!!!

looking forward to meeting more of the FOCI crew!!!

see u at the meets!

note: meets will be biweekly and alternate between two locations
see below for the maps!

hope to see some of you monday!

General Info!
MASIV Monday Meets
Locations: Dundas Timmies and Westside Timmies
meets will alternate between the two locations
Frequency: Biweekly until May/June then weekly until winter
Time: 8:PM start time!

First Meet Monday April 3rd
8:00 PM
Dundas Timmies
Across the Street from Kipling TTC Station!
and just east of Westowne Mazda!

directions if you need em!

Get to 427 south (however is best for you)
exit dundas
go east
look on ur left for a timmies/wendy's

Was up Broli!!!

Yes Focuscanada comeout to our E.O Masiv meets

Nefcanuck and Sangria red did come to the Masiv meet and we would like to see more people coming out this year.

So see ya' Mondays at 8:00pm

Everyone and any car is welcome, even winter beaters if you are still driving one LOL

BROLI!!! What's up?

Okay, I'm going to have to come out again this year. I won't be able to make the first meet, but I'll try to make the one two weeks from now :)

What is/where is E.O. Masiv?
yes what exactly is E O Masiv heard of it before i think tony with the 5 door svt silver with cervini package is with them am i correct anyone know?
Ah, sure sign of spring :D

I'll try and make it, but the car interior is looking pretty sad right now, winter makes it ugly :P

I should be able to make it. I would like to make it to some. I usually have my daughter on Monday's but maybe I will keep her up late to get her into the car scene. See you then.

Tony, you going to have your car there?
[Image: jayashly04.jpg]

^^^ the focus guy who is usually at the meets is the guy with the black sweater and grey pants... i thought his name was eric, lol! broli... you took this picture :P
HAHA!! Well E.O Masiv is a Organized car club which a group of friends put together.

E.O Masiv means Etobicoke Masiv.

We have alot of people that show up, but hardly any Foci. I incourage all of you to comeout and see how we do.
The cars that usually show up are Mazdas, VW, Mustangs, And Foci.

Hope to see some new people this year!

See ya' soon
Ok what does the Masiv mean.

Or is it just "hip" for massive?
hopefully once i get my dayshift at work i will be able to join
tha rest of the masiv
[Image: masiv036.jpg]
Ill be sure to make an apperence when the cars back out


whats up!!

yeah, the new season is hear!!
and yup i did take that pic!!
i am a natural talent at photography . . .


anwyays, yup u know, we will start things slow . . and by may we should be filling up parking lots!!!

Nef Canuck!

its true winters have taken their toll on everyones cars!
(except the luck bastards who keep em stored away!!! damn tickets . . .)

Tony and Chris!!

i better see u guys with some MASIV representation!!!

and btw . . .
MASIV: a crew or group of people!!
it is in the oxford dictionary . . .
ok its not!!!

i think it is from england (watch ali g in da house and u will understand)

and to everyone else!

looking forward to seeing you guys and gals!
broli u fat bastard get back to your own forum u copper mazda lovin fag
05blackzx5,Apr 2 2006, 05:06 AM Wrote:broli u fat bastard get back to your own forum u copper mazda lovin fag

why don't u come out to a meet and make me???

u skinny little biatch!

and my car is sunset orange!!!
cool.. time to show off the car out to Huartz for a few meets now..
I might be interested in going. but gotta finish off a few repairs / mods before I want to show off my focus to the public....
some people dont even have their cars on the road!!

it is all good!

Broli,Apr 3 2006, 01:42 PM Wrote:some people dont even have their cars on the road!!

it is all good!

What's the rain policy? Cause it's raining now with ocassional flashes of T&L. Doesn't look good for parking out back behind the Tim's <_<

If my daughter is feeling up to it we may swing by. It aoll depends how things go tonight. But if I don't make it tonight we should make it in a couple weeks.
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