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Full Version: Witnessed Foci
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so i am driving down 4th around 6:10 and what do i see turning off of lewvan onto 4th, a silve foci. This was a vey clean car. Silver zx3, xenon body kit, gunmetal painted stock rims and 3pc wings west spoiler. Now the thing that was more surprising about this dashing focus was the fact that it was BORT. lol i have not seen "your" car looking that good and clean since that foci meet like 3 years ago. Lookin good man everytime i have seen it something was broken or it was dirty but I like the rims good to see you are still caring for it cuz guess surprise but I MISS MY BABY
Does anyone have a pic of this car! I would like to see it!

Never mind... found them!

ZX3guy2000,Feb 23 2006, 09:00 PM Wrote:Does anyone have a pic of this car!  I would like to see it!
Aye Matey I do Bort's car and company.
My car is the grey 05, and Guilty is the other silver car here without the body kit.
Left car here
[Image: group2.jpg]
Left Again
[Image: group1.jpg]
Right Side
[Image: evilcars.jpg]
[Image: group5.jpg]

Gives you some general ideas
Excellent!! Thanks!
I knew I had some other side profiles somewhere here yah go
[Image: bortside2.jpg]
[Image: bortside.jpg]
Uh oh, dont tell Bort he's got gunmetal wheels.. he hates them :P He's pimping steelies with winter tires now.
That kit doesn't look too bad on a ZX3 !!!!
LOL thanks man. I haven't seen you for a longtime! Yeah I'm currently rocking some pimpin' $800 winter steelies.

Its funny. Not to offend anyone, but I normally hate gunmetal/black rims and wheels. But I have to say I really like the way my car looks with them. The tires are a bit wider than my stock ones so I think it looks meaner. I may keep them on all year lol.

Thanks for the compliment man.

This year the car needs work though. All the vinyl is chipping and looking like crap. I'll probably design something or get someting ordered from Vandecor (where my dad works) for cheap.