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Full Version: 2006 Rally Of Sweden Highlights
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Finally... the highlight reel from the 2006 Rally of Sweden.

Highlight video

Heh man thanks for posting the highlight reels - now that SpeedTV in their infinite wisdom has decided to drop WRC coverage these clips are all I get to see !! BTW - any news on the 2005 DVD ?
the 2005 review DVD came out Jan 6... for 15 quid... not sure about importing it.. I thought bunny was gonna hook everyone up.
thats a great video, could you imagine having that rally road run right through the middle of your house, property...that would be sweet!

I think i saw 2 focus in that rally, a ST and by the looks of it a MK1.
looks like ford might be taking it this year
I'm working on it....I got the dvd...I got back-up media...I just need time to back up this dvd~!
OMG... suck snow bastards! :lol:

Great find DP.