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Full Version: Scrap Yard Meet May 2-3
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My friend has been going here for a while now getting parts for his civic. He says it's a great place to get good parts cheap on the Free Parts Day.
Standard Auto Wreckers
2009 DATES

2nd and 3rd

13th and 14th

8th and 9th

12th and 13th

3rd and 4th


8:00am - 3:00pm

9:00am - 3:00pm

Some of you know about this and have been before, your input would be nice as to the rules and regulations.
From what I hear your only alowd hand tools and there is a point on the ground you have to carry the item up off the ground for so long in order it get it for the alowd price. Or you pay a fee. Not sure how much.
I'm going on the Saturday right in the moring. Doubt anyone else will be headed for the Focus stuff. :D
Please say what day and time if you planning on going.

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They only have up to 1998 modles in the self serve area. What good is that?
I was there last week and all they had in the upic area was one ZX3 and a sedan. Both were silver and both had front end damage. Still lots of interior parts on them.......minus some switches :P

They may have new stock by now though.
Oh well I'm still going for the fresh kill in the other section and to help my buddy pull a 1.7L engine for something hes building for his GF lol.
I've been there plenty a time. Like Kevin mentioned you wont find a lot for "newer" vehicles. All you can carry parts day is a ZOO! Double-check in the "fresh road kill" sectoin. Standard gets a little tight about you picking parts off of newer cars. Most of the times they wont let you in there, and they usually try to sell the whole car off as a "half-chop", so you wont be saving much in the long run.

If you do "feel" like going, here's my suggestion that my buddies and I use to do. Go to the yard a day before "parts-day" pick off the parts you think you may need, and stash them in the "non-ford" section lol. We use to hide "GM" stuff in the trunk of an old Crown Victoria of the FORD section, make a note where the car was , i.e section of the yard, how high up it was lol. The next day we would go directly to that car , grab our parts and get the hell outtta dodge hahahaha!

They will ask you to sign in, check your tool box and what not. You pay I think around 40 bucks per person (whether or not they are there to pick parts). If your friends do not get a chance to pick parts they will credit you the 40 towards another day or a regularly priced part.

Good luck of your treasure hunt. BTW bring some good boots, because this time of the year that lot can become muddy!!!!!
i got my car door from there.. excellent service...door came in great shape and on time...highly part was they delivered it to me :D
drunkinmonkey,Apr 13 2009, 07:42 PM Wrote:i got my car door from there.. excellent service...door came in great shape and on time...highly part was they delivered it to me :D

I need a few things. I'll be up at 8am. John, call me when you get up. I have to work at 12pm so i need to be there at 9am.
i need transmission plus parts to do swap but i don't have tools and don't know how..
anyone pick up some parts over the weekend