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Full Version: Masiv Monday, Sept 6th 2010
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Its time to plan your next Monday out with the FC Crew. Same location as always, the South East corner of Dixie and Aimco in Mississauga. Next to Staples behind the Wednys/Tim Hortons. Come one, come all to the regular bi-weekly meets of the GTA Focus Canada Crew. Also with the increased tempatures we have all been experiencing this week we are planning a cruise down to the local DQ for some frosty treats. Blizzards any one?

Location as always:
Map of Location
Address: 1530 Aimco Blvd
Mississauga ON, L4W 5K1

Post below if you can attend or even if you think you can make it out and I will add your name to the appropriate list. Lets keep the numbers up this year boys.


1) Focus Man, Focus.
2) Scorcher000
3) Buzz 2.0
4) MIAjeff
6) ZTWSquared
7) KonafocusWRC

Maybe Attending

1) svt_fan1129
2) Burnin21
3) Nefcanuk

Hope to see you there!!!
I'll be there. No soccer, No GF just properly hanging out.
Good to hear Johnny. It will be nice to see you again.
No more running my ass off for a piece of pushy and controlling ass. It was tight, fresh and smooth but not worth it lol.

I'm back.
I would assume things didn't end well?
ill be there monday!!! i gotta show off my new all black everything!
Nice, gotta love new parts. I haven't been out with my Rally Brakes or CF Hood yet.
oops. i posted the wrong thread. put me as maybe. as i mention, i never promise, so no ones feelings are hurt Wink
Back to the top to avoid confusion.
you guys know this is on Holiday monday right?
I will do my best to be there as well. I'm in need of a replacement hood. Smile
The hood will be there so you better be. LOL
Yes it's on holiday Monday. No excuses.
Ya, didn't end well lol
Holiday or not I'll be there.
You have yet to see my glow lol
I'll be there in the stang.....

no focus yet.... but i have 2 months off after next week Big Grin
Put me down as a maybe, I might be down if Im back from the cottage in time Smile
Put me down as a maybe as I'll be coming back from Cayuga after a test & tune day there.

(09-01-2010, 04:42 AM)Focus man. Focus. Wrote: [ -> ]The hood will be there so you better be. LOL
Yes it's on holiday Monday. No excuses.

I'll be there. Smile
i will be there around 8:30 pm with shift and ebrake boots for who participated gb, but i won't be able to stay long..
Yeah ditto; if i show up, it`ll be later.

I`m going alone, just finished my contract in the army in petawawa. Feel free to come greet me when I show up haha!
I'm a maybe...ive been mia for the past few weeks because of moving back to uni in oshawa. I realyyy hope to make it out this monday! missing the cars n the guys!
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