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Full Version: Hamilton Meet the 3rd
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Hey guys, just tossing around the possibility of a meet in Hamilton one day next week. Is anyone interested?
Just a meet or another cruise?

If you guys are going to plan another cruise in a few weeks or so, I'd be interested. I couldn't go to the first one cause I had to work. Hoping that if there is another cruise, it's on a day I'm off.

They keep saying on 680 News that the fall colours are supposed to be better than normal this year. Not that I know of any routes that would give a good view, but I'd leave that up to you guys in Hamilton to decide.
Somebody should plan an Autum Colours Cruise this year. Last year we had a good cruise through Milton down the escarpment to the Hammer. It should be on a weekend and also be Family Friendly.

I would be in.
Same spot as last time?
What time?

Hey, SVTFAN1129, you seeing this?
Maybe we can actually get together!!

Ok, I will look into planning a cruise this fall then. Was the one I planned before decent. But I'll improve it

The last one was great!!

Count me in!
i should be in aswell, i know john will make it good Wink
I don't mind that we're talking about 2 different things here, but who is in for a small meet next week? lol
I'm for both.
Meet no, cruise mostlikly. That's just me.
(09-25-2010, 09:38 AM)2009SEL Wrote: [ -> ]I'm for both.

uh oh! i might be too late. Whats going on!

i went to the meet in Mississauga couple weeks ago. Finally made it. When is this meet ??
Doesn't seem like there is too much interest. Maybe postponing it might help?