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Full Version: New addiction for the nights I'm not playing EVE...
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. - looks great on a decent vid card, the sounds are good for a "closed beta" and even the controls aren't that bad. - go here for the "invite code" that the World of Tanks account creation screen wants.

It's basically a squad-based tank shooter that requires you to level up with experience points - both to unlock new tanks and also to unlock upgraded equipment. Actually, the amount of customization that you get (and that they had back in the day) is kind of crazy.

I'm a sucker for large coffee table-type books, so when I saw this: Compared and Contrasted: Tanks from WWI to the Present Day at Coles, I bought it - $14.99 before iRewards.

The models, equipment and physics all seem to stick pretty closely to canon, even drawing from what I read in just the one book.

My player name there is Cpl_Logan - we organize invite-only platoons nightly so we can coordinate and beat up on everyone else.

Did I mention that it's free, and that their current proposed microtransaction model only affects gear and credits, not experience? That would keep me around for some time. Microtransactions are unavailable while in beta, too - so it's even more of a level playing field. With tanks.