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Full Version: Anyone get the new call of duty?
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How is it for a guy who doesn't game online?
me curious too
I call it crack ops cause of my roommates being addicted to it like its crack.

it looks wicked, dunno bout the single player. Multiplayer looks bomb. 4 was stil better imo.
I want to make sure its still good if I don't game on line.
It would suck if i got it and it wasn't good as a single player.
I'm scared if I buy then it will take my life over. Previouse COD took my life over for good 3-4 months. That's all I did after work.
Buyer beware!!!
it's pretty good single player, the only draw back to this game in regards to COD Modern warfare 2 is the fact that there is no Spec. op missions to keep you entertained while offline if you beat the game. But the game itself is very addictive and has amazing graphics, but if you do get it, you need to play online to get the full feel of this game.
Just my 2cents tho...everyone is different right..
Game is great offline so far, but online is where it's at!
yeah get your ass online and lets have an squad lol
psh. Treyarch fans. whatever guys.

... lol
I just got my new PNY GeForce GTX 480 - should be buying the PC version shortly. Brushing up with GRAW2 in the meantime.
(11-30-2010, 03:33 PM)Mystake Wrote: [ -> ]psh. Treyarch fans. whatever guys.

... lol

Infinity Ward is better for game play.... But Treyarch has wicked maps!