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Full Version: Official FR12 Registration Info
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For those who have never been to Focus Rising in past years you may not be familiar with the way registration works. We try to make it easy for you as all you need to register for is the Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield portion of the event weekend. The 2011 Focus Showfield was one of the BEST we at Focus Rising have seen to date. Everything from Full-On Track Beasts to the Latest in Stanced Foci to the Daily Drivers and Beater Foci were there. That's what makes this event so great is it celebrates all the different ways you as a part of the Focus Community put your blood, sweat, and tears into your Focus.

2011 also brought us a First Place Banner in the Carlisle Club Challenge which pits different car communities against each other in a unique "Most Registered" Contest. In 2011 we beat out the Merkur Club of America, the Bad Pony Club, and many other Ford Clubs out on the showfield with the most registered and we plan on doing it yet again in 2012!

Carlisle Gate-N-Go Registration is OPEN Until April 30th

2012 Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield Registration Price:
$40 per Vehicle
(If registered by 4/30)

So How Do I Register?

First please have your vehicle and payment info ready before proceeding any further in the registration process. Once you have that ready please follow this link and follow the instructions below:

Step 1:
Click the Add to Cart Button for the 2012 Carlisle Ford Nationals Showfield. Please do not click the other showfield options as these are not the correct showfield locations for the Focus Rising group.

Step 2:
On the next page that enter your required information in the Vehicle Info and Options Area.

For Hatchbacks please place "Other" under the Type Bullet-Points. Select the proper modification level for your car, please be accurate so no changes will have to be made on the showfield.

Under Ford Classification Please Select the Appropriate Class, the below classes are this year's Carlisle Showfield Classes:
143 - Focus Sedans, Coupes, and Wagons - STOCK AND MODIFIED
144 - Focus ZX3, ZX5, and SVT - STOCK
145 - Focus ZX3, ZX5, and SVT - MODIFIED

Under Ford Club please select FOCUS RISING. This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the registration process. DO NOT put under FocalJet, FocusFanatics, Focal-Point, Strictly Focused,, or any other club. The club we are all registering under is FOCUS RISING. No matter what someone always messes this step up, so if you did mess this up please email the Focus Rising Staff at and we will get it straightened out as quickly as we can. Please leave the Club Other option BLANK.

Step 3:
Click the Add to Cart Button once all info is filled out. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE VEHICLES that you are registering on the next page after clicking the Add to Cart Button please click SHOP FOR MORE ITEMS and repeat the above process for the next vehicle and register it under FOCUS RISING as well as we know many owners are multiple Ford Focus households. Once complete please click proceed to checkout or log in if you are already a customer in Carlisle Event's registration system as many are 8-10 year+ Veterans of the Carlisle Events Car Show Scene or have registered for other events already this year thru them.

Once Payment is received you will receive a printable confirmation, please print it for your own records. Typically showfield decal passes and instructions are mailed 2-4 weeks prior to the event.

Any questions on this process please feel free to contact the Focus Rising Staff at . See you in June!
class 284 is now Focus Sedans, Coupes, and Wagons Modified (exc SVT and ZX3) just a quick update.