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Full Version: Official FR12 Judged Class Info and Awards Ceremony Info
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Every year we like to recognize those in attendance for their amazing achievements in all that they make their Focus stand for. There's always more than just what the Carlisle Showfield Awards can cover so we at Focus Rising hold our own Awards Ceremony every year on Saturday Night to recognize all those individual classes that represent our great community of Ford Focus Owners.

This year's Award Ceremony will take place at 7PM in the Official Hotel's Meeting Room that we at Focus Rising have secured. Judging will take place by a core group of judges hand selected from across the Focus community during the Saturday Showfield during the specified time on the FR12 schedule.

Many of you are wondering what are what are the FR12 Judged Classes, well here they are including a few brand new classes we've added for this year:
NEW for Focus Rising 2012:
Best Beater Focus - With many Focus Enthusiasts picking up Foci for their winter beaters or daily drivers we want to see them cleaned up and on the showfield. Don't be afraid to slap that extra set of wheels on or put it in winter mode for this event weekend because we want to see it at it's best, whatever that may be like!

Best RS Focus Conversion - With the insurgence in hot european flavor we are inviting all those who have converted their US Spec Foci into the coveted Focus RS.

Lowest Focus - Time to spin those coilovers down a little more because it's time to cut the grass of the showfield with your subframe. We are looking for those that do it for the low.

Best Theme - We all know some people take it to the next level in build out a theme around their Focus. Sometimes it can be based of a cartoon character or a completely custom painted work of art. Whatever your theme is our judging team will be on the lookout for the best execution of themed Foci.

Focus Rising Specialty Awards:
Game Changer Award - For the Focus that is truly that next level game changing look or a completely different direction then prior years.

Focus Rising Legacy Award - Awarded by our Judging Staff pics as the best representation of the Focus Rising 2012 community whether it be a Focus for its well rounded beauty or an Owner for something they've done.

Longest Distance - Too far away is never an excuse, it's time to start planning for that 1,000+ or 2000+ mile trek to Focus Rising 2012 because what's better than getting an award for burning all that gas!

Original Focus Rising Classes:
- Best 00-04 Sedan
- Best 00-04 Hatch
- Best 00-07 Wagon
- Best 02-04 SVT
- Best 05-07 Sedan
- Best 05-07 Hatch
- Best 08-11 Sedan/Coupe
- Best 2012+ All
- Best Conversion (SVT, ST170, Etc...)
- Best in Engine Bay
- Best in Race Prepped
- Best in Stance
- Best in Boost
- Best in Paint
- Best in Exterior
- Best in Interior
- Best in Wheels
- Best in Audio/ICE
- Best Fiesta
- Best Non-Focus/Fiesta
- Sponsor/Affiliate/Partner Picks