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Full Version: Costs to FR12!
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OK, so lets display a bit of a break down for those interested in coming out, but arent sure if they can muster up the cash....

Hotel room:
4 nights @ average of 110$/night = 440$ + taxes
3 tanks @ 60$/tank (in canada) @40$/tank (in states) bring 160$ minimum for gas expenses.
50$/day, 5 days. 250$ allowance for food.

These amounts are approximate. Last year i went by this and had money left over to buy dinner when i arrived back home and do some shopping south of the border. If you are sharing a room, the drive down with anyone else etc... you need to do the math and cut your costs down.

i dont suggest bringing less than 500$ personally, but this is for you to address. I suggest rooming 4 people to a room to save expenses.

We are all cheap i know that, we drive ford foci. If you are going on a tight budget, remember that you can eat for about 15$ a day down there if you really have to. The hotel has continental breakfast everyday too so you can really save some money by utilizing this.

NOTE: if anyone has anything to add, please post up. These costs are for those travelling from the GTA, so costs of gas will be dependant upon the location you are leaving from. PM me if anyone has any questions regarding the event.
Booze is cheaper in the States 2! Much cheaper Smile
(01-25-2012, 12:29 AM)02_svt_guy Wrote: [ -> ]Booze is cheaper in the States 2! Much cheaper Smile

QTF. Last time i was south side, i bought a 60 of Canadian Club for 18.99$. 12 packs are like 8$ for coors light
I wish all I needed was 500, it will cost me that in fuel alone. Last year I used 598 in fuel but we did get sidetracked on a trip to Toronto, so that should save me 100 or so. If there is anyone from the prairies that wanna tag along let me know, we would love the company.

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