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Full Version: May 14th Bogie shakedown sessions
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Oh boy, I am rusty Confused

New suspension this year, took a long time to get used to it, was scared to hammer it our of some corners, rear end felt greasy, but as the night went on, I got more comfortable, not 100% yet, but almost there. Took a look at last years videos and I was way off on lots of my lines, cant wait to go back in June, probably with an instructor this time.

I have over 55 minutes of video...and I've run out of space on my vimeo account...

heres some that have been cut down to shorter vids.

me chasing a 911 Turbo

and another of just me and a passenger fawkin around.

Sweet Vids! Your Subi is dirty. That new Turbo is boss.

Let me know the next time the MR boys plan something. We have gone out with them before to bogie. Good group of guys. I know Prege personally and went to mosport and shannonville a few years back with getty. Is his Vette still running?
yes, his Vette is still running but I think he's more into his truck these days. He was actually the passenger in that white 911 turbo. That car belongs to one of the Moxie's owners.

We do shanonville May 27th 6:30PM to 8:30PM - $65

Then back @ bogie for:

Saturday, July 28th - 5 to 7PM - $125
Saturday, Sept 22nd, 5 to 7PM - $125

Greg (1morelap) the organizer wont let you on with us at bogie unless you have significant experience at the track. If you don't have enough track experience at bogie, join us at shanonville to give him an idea of where you stand in terms of maturity and skills.
I retired my foci from track use but 2 of my buddies have gone out with the MR guys a few times including 1 of last years evening events. They both have been itching to get out there. C5z06 w/ full exhaust and Nitto 555r's.. Black and a Black 2000 Camaro SS. Im sure you know the guys or the car's

[Image: IMG_9455.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9453.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9519.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9445.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9450.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9451.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9441.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9479.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9473.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9472.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9468.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9470.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9456.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9462.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9485.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9487.jpg]

[Image: IMG_9496.jpg]
I HEART Fred's Supra. Looked like a good Session.
Can't wait to get back to 'bogie this year with the BMW guys. LOL the flag session - do they still show the one with the dead turtle for shits and giggles?
no, didn't see that one. Greg does the flag session at every event, even if he knows 100% that all the guys know what the color of the flags mean.

We had a turtle come out on the track on turn 1 Friday night. Also had a porcupine come out on the track, Red flag!

As you can see in that vid, I almost smoked a crow, wildlife is a problem at dusk at
Went back this week-end. I am getting faster but still need to work on my lines. I am scrubbing way too much speed going into the corners.

MCO is having a lapping day that includes an instructor, may sign up for that event
The car sounds great
Did a few laps last weekend in the rain on my supermoto. was more of a parade lap than any thing. around a 150 bikes rode from Ottawa to calabogie. Was a good day.

[Image: JASON.png]

[Image: JASON3.png]