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Full Version: Postal III
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I'm not sure how many people have played Postal II. It's a hard game to get, as most stores will not stock it. In fact, some countries have banned it. Maybe I'm a little twisted, but I loved the sick humor the game offered.
There was quite the wait for Postal III to come out. If anyone is considering it. Don't. It's really, really bad. Crashes or worst, loads the game into endless situations leaving you trying to figure out why you can't complete the mission. The controls are all different and poorly laid-out. The cool voice used in the 2nd version has been replaced, and not for the better. I give it a complete thumbs down.
You mean portal??
No I mean Postal. I originally found the game, after co-workers and I were joking about hitting our supervisor in the back of the head with a shovel. Wanted to find a picture to photoshop. Instead I found the game Postal II. Considered one of the top 10 violent video games of all time. However, the game uses allot of humour throughout, and you can complete the entire game without doing any violent actions at all if you chose. But what fun would that be? The game is not for anyone who couldn't handle the unpolitically-correct banter at a construction site. Not for kids! Offensive to practically everyone. Violent, sexist, disgusting... half the charm of the game is the shock that anyone could make a game so twisted.