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Full Version: July 28th - Invitational TSC Meet at CTMP at the Grand Prix Track
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Let me know if the link doesn't work for you.

Basically Toronto Subaru Club is making a meet there. To get in it's free. You get to drive your car on the big track also for free. Not full out but it will be still quick with pace car at the front.
There will be some some race Porsche's, Vipers ect there.
10 tickets will be played out for people to come along in those cars. Will be fun and good time. All cars are welcome not just Subaru's.

Roll in at 9am.
(07-26-2012, 01:48 AM)NikiterZTS Wrote: [ -> ]Bump!

If you haven't driven the track at Mosport this would be a good first step in understanding what the track is all about - in the world of racing it is still something special.

You really can't imagine the insane off-camber blind turns with multiple surface changes and the massive elevation changes - some of them so extreme the inclines are virtually impossible to walk up - a.k.a. turn 4 to turn 5a -

or the sinking feeling in your gut as you crest the blind hill into turn 2 and the two high speed bumps push you inexorably away from the first apex towards the tire barrier only to find grip at the last minute and slice across the second apex with its asphalt repair strip ripping at your tires.

This is where Winkelhock lost his life in the Porsche 962C - it's one of the most daunting and revered corners in the world of racing.
^^Great description Ken!