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Full Version: Cayuga (August 15th) open lapping with Sion FR-S photos
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My buddy picked me up yesterday after work in his Sion FR-S and we headed to TMP. It was his first time taking this car out to the track and let me tell you it was really fun even being a passenger going through the corners in that car (I did get a chance to drive the car on normal roads). Car handles real good through the corners and some drifts gave us a smile. The owner mentioned with another extra 20 horse power car would be ideal. Perhaps intake, exhaust and some fine tuning would do the trick.

While we were there we met 4 men who work together (gold mining business). They brought Corvette Z06, Porsche Cayenne, Nissan 280Z and '95 Lotus Esprit (4 cylinder turbo.)
I got to ride in Lotus and it's a nice car. He also DD's it.

Some photos: