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Full Version: Cayuga this upcoming Saturday (All day) get my discount.
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I'm friends with the TMP owner's son and he's going to start giving me deals for every lapping event.

This saturday (August 18th) there's a Jbody big meet there. It's all Cavaliers, Pontiacs Sunfires ect. They're going to have lapping, drag and show and shine.

Lapping all day is $150+ HST. If you're gonna come with me we are gonna get lapping cost $120 cash. You won't need to register Smile
Let's go and have fun.
Good sash
Ended up chasing 2 clone STi's that were pushing 450whp. Some 17 year old was driving Formula Ford, mad cool!

Two videos that were taken that day

This site works really wierd.......Can't post FB link and youtube videos together.

Can't post 2 youtube videos one after another.
Fix it Mr.Puppet!
what are the rules for these events? Helmets? Point by passing?
(08-21-2012, 04:02 AM)Flofocus Wrote: [ -> ]what are the rules for these events? Helmets? Point by passing?

Helmets are not mendetory (not sure why). Passing only on straights.

Here's second video

.....^^^Second video. Helmets are not medetory. Passing only on straights.