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Full Version: Official Announcement: Focus Rising 2013
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The fifth annual Focus Rising will be held at the Carlisle Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA, June 7 - June 9, 2013. Focus Rising 2013--or FR13 for short--will continue the tradition of bringing a diverse group of Focus enthusiasts together for an event like no other.

The 2013 event will build on the hard work by Ken Appell and crew over the past four years that has turned Focus Rising into a national-level event. Due to Ken's move to Carlisle Events, as Carlisle Ford Nationals Event Manager, the event will be organized by two long-time members of the Focus enthusiast community: Ron Myers, founder of and Jason Hodges, a well-known voice in the Focus community. Both have been loyal supporters of the Focus since it was introduced to North America in 2000.

Appell's desire to see Focus Rising continue to grow led him to seek someone who shared his passion for the car. "I wanted to be certain that the event carried on because it has brought together so many people over the years. But, I needed someone who could uphold the level of credibility the event has attained," said Appell.

Hodges, who is known as a prominent club member and for giving 100% anywhere he is needed in the community, expressed his interest in the role. "I've really enjoyed Focus Rising and wanted to ensure its success and keep the momentum going," said Hodges. Working alongside each other at previous Focus Rising events, Appell knew he was the man for the job. "I don't know if there is a more committed Focus enthusiast than Jason," said Appell.

Once committed, Hodges approached Myers to co-organize due to his experience in running large-scale Focus events. Myers organized Jetfest '05, the first ever national-level Focus meet, establishing a car count that would set the bar for future events. He also coordinated the motorsport-centric Jetfest 2, held at California Speedway in 2007. "Ron has negotiated a lot of the pitfalls that arise when putting on this kind of event." said Hodges. "His connections in the Focus aftermarket will help us secure key sponsor involvement."

A passionate Focus advocate, Myers was more than happy to join the cause. "I had supported the event for the past couple of years and really admired what Ken had achieved. It's a labor of love, and Ken has done a fantastic job in building the Focus camaraderie on the east coast." said Myers.

Focus Rising 2013 will strive to assemble all Focus enthusiasts, regardless of site or club affiliations. Next year's FR13 schedule of events promises to be engaging and a lot of fun. More details will follow in the near future.

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Now, last year was fun! Only 3 members from here (that I can confirm) went to this event. We were hoping for more but we still had a good time without you lol.

This is a year that we should show our growing numbers by heading to the FR13 with a big group of Canucks.

I know I'm in, whether I have the Truck, the 05 Fofo or something else and I'm pretty sure GFXjamie is in because a picture of his drive way shows he’s in lol.

Last year rough cost (Rounding Up) Leave Thursday Come Back Monday
Hotel - $500
Gas - 100
Food - 100
This is what I spent by myself. That doesn't include the jewelry I bought my GF and the crap I bought for my car and the ridiculously cheap booze I bought either lol. $8 for a 750ml of CC That’s just cheap!!!

So let's see who is coming this year. Start saving now. All you need is $50-$100 a pay from now to have a great time.
deff gonna try my hardest to make it this year
between this and focusfest , hard to decide which to attend, Both if i could , but sadly my schedule for the next year may hinder going to either. 2014 may be my year Tongue

Hope members show up
PA is like 9 hours away ?
6 hrs from me , give or take.

but with just getting in the military i will be busy for the next few months after end of january
Ya, like 7 hours. It really doesn't take much time to get there. I wasn't even tired and on the ride back it was like 6 hours with a 2 hour feeling.
Man, this is the stuff I like to read, I so wanna go and will so be there!
I want to go sooo bad but gaaaah the distance! Plus more of my focus fanatic friends are going to focus fest, and that's an even further distance Sad
(12-13-2012, 09:51 AM)2MuchDub4U Wrote: [ -> ]Man, this is the stuff I like to read, I so wanna go and will so be there!

i dont wanna go anymore Angel
Yo guys I'm really down to make the drive with anyone on here, I've been all googly eyes for last years event. This year I'm going.
I'd like to go also , just need to check into any insurance crap and save my money lol
Won't be there this year --- already committed to the annual golf trip I skipped last year to go to Carlisle. Have fun though!
I already booked my vacation time bout two weeks after this. ill be in Punta Cana for a wedding so i guess i definitely wont be going this year.... again... damn.