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Full Version: Massiv Monday April 22th, 2013 Car Meet
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[Image: MASSIVMONDAYLOGO_zpse4552a72.jpg]

Hello Everyone!!!

I'd like to invite you all to the first official "Massiv Monday Meet" of the year. Past years have shown some great numbers on the first day out. The cars are always looking good and the owners are always looking shifty, standing in a parking lot at night...

Everyone is welcome no matter the year, make, or model and I'm not just talking about your car. Bring the family out or your friends or both.

The time and place is the normal time and place. See below if you do not know.


Dixie Rd & Aimco South of 401 and North of Eglinton
[Image: Location_zps24f21118.jpg]
[Image: MASSIVMONDAYLOGO_zpse4552a72.jpg]


1. Scorcher (John)
2. ZTWsquared (Ken)
i'll come if my car is done being painted
I'd come to this if it wasn't always on a Monday
My response is maybe, depending on work.
I'll be there , if my dad gets his focus on the road he might come also.
Hoping that my new car will be ready by then.
This is looking good soo far. Keep em coming. New members don't be afraid to come out. We are just normal people like you lol

And I hope the weather plays nice that day too.
so far im coming to show of my boosted focus lol
I wish it wasnt a three hour drive or i would go. The only car meets down here are for classic cars. Way to much rice that comes and ruins anything else to.
Hi Y'all!

I'm in, depending on weather.
I'll pass if it's rain'n.

I may be in to go, anyone in the east end willing to meet up and cruise down? haha

[Image: bump.gif]

This is coming up soon. Anyone else out there...?
not this time, weather isn't helping..
i should make it out

That's a late night for work... and i work in Pickering... Crap...
The regulars are usually still hanging around til 9-930 pending weather
even 10 and 11pm too
Hi all.

The pics from the 04/22 meet up are now here.
It was great to see a good turn out.
Let's do it again.