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Full Version: ZX3 BUILD THREAD
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making a thread to post what mods ive done to the car. will continue to post new mod aswell ok here we go

ill start off with some specs
2000 FOCUS ZX3 FWD E4 Cardinal Red
- Royal Purple Engine Oil
- FORD RACING SVT performance suspension
- Motocraft replacement control arms
- 17 Inch CSA RIMS wrapped in durun sport-one 215/40R17
- (Winter Rims)Stock 2005 rims
- Euro Tail Lights
- 2 ALPINE ZR10 10" Subwoofer
- 1200 SONY 2 Channel Amp
- Tint
ok here is some pics
oldest pic i have no mods of any kind at this point
[Image: SUC52172.jpg]
the first mod end up to be cheap seat covers from canadian tire and painted dash parts and put in the stereo
[Image: 0224001128.jpg] [Image: 0224001128a.jpg]
then the trouble started (stupid knock in the suspension) so i took it in to ford and they told me sway bar end links so i changed that and the knock was still there so i started to price out suspension parts and let the car sit for a year and i stumbled along some one selling the M-3000-ZX3 SVT Focus Suspension Kit and i bought it and i painted the springs red to match the car and instead of using old strut plates and bearing and lower control arms i went and bough all new stuff from ford and installed it all myself with the help of a buddie at ford [Image: 0605002116.jpg] [Image: 0618001853.jpg] so after all that
so after all that i ended up still not being able to drive the car it would not start it would crank and crank but no fire so i had it towed to ford where they did a fuel pump recall and told me that the timing belt is worn and it skipped a couple teeth causing no compression so after a new timing belt it was up and running again not to long after that i found a set of rims at a dealership and bought them for 500 cash and i cut off the lunch boxs and installed a tuner muffler (i like the way it sound) and a short ram intake [Image: 0908001730a.jpg] and as i had the rims off i painted the front calibers red and i also picked up a set of aftermarket taillight for the focus as well [Image: 0908001732a.jpg]
after that it more or less up to date
here is my wish list
-after market head lights (ive got them in a box in my room lol)
-cross drilled front rotors
-custom gauge pod
-racing seats
-boost turbo kit
-svt rear disc brake converion
-power window swap
-some engine bay painting
ok ill atop there ill keep updating this thread with the new mods and pics
Looks great, how hard was it to install the SVT suspension? I want to do that with my 03 ZX5, I have SVT rims and with stock suspensions the wheel gap is bad.
I tried getting ur tail lights of this site and they discontinued them -_-
the install was easy if you have a strut tamer or a way to compress the springs but if your not gonna strip your old strut mounts and bearing off your factory struts your gonna have to buy them and for some reason my kit the nut for the strut wouldnt work other then that it was farley simple

i really like my tail lights i bought mine of a guy in Edmonton, but i see them on ebay all the time
off to a decent start so far for sure
[Image: 35ef8130-2d19-4017-97cc-d2041dec4473.jpg]
changes are
new projector headlight
black bumper sidemarker light
plastidiped rims and lower front bumper and emblems
and i have seats but im waiting for seat brackets
[Image: e287c4f3-f01b-46e5-90ce-2a74b3612b44.jpg]
Looking good bro, I should do a build thread xD
The svt kit is the way to go. I just added bigger front and rear sway bars and also camber plates up front and camber arms in the back along with toe arms. Looking good.
Looks good man , u need a euro grill now Smile