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Full Version: Kennedy commons wed. May 22
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K I know a lot of you guys are west Enders but I'm throwing this invite out to you guys as well as the east Enders. I live in the east end and kc is 10x closer then Dixie rd lol. Ill probably be heading to Kennedy commons this Wednesday it was a good go last week a lot of cars . Usually starts around 8 9 . It's on Kennedy road just south of the 401 in chapters plaza.
Now we're talking. I'll b there around 8 ish. FInally a meet I can attend!!!

I may live in Vaughan but my heart is in Scarborough!!!
i might if i need any golf equipments. lol
most of times i go there to shop at golf town.
Well if its not raining it will most likely be on. So just watch the weather
Looks like the rain has Let up a bit. So I'm leaving my house around 8. Ill probably be parked with a few VW guys. Keep an eye out
Nice to meet a few of the guys at last!