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Full Version: So... Playstation 4 or XBox One?
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So, after today's announcement from Microsoft regarding their XBox One console, which console are you looking forward to most this holiday season?

To be honest, while the PS4 seems like a pretty decent console, it doesn't seem to have half of the bells and whistles that XBox One's integrated entertainment environment.

So what's your pick?
Car parts lol. I will stick with my ps3
I own both but Xbox is what I use for gaming Big Grin I call my PS3 my blueray player lol
PS4...never been an xbox fan with all there issues
I'm actually tired of Sony screwing me over with my PS3.. it's a box that actually does less today than the day I bought it. Sony didn't care about integration, but rather limitation, and that's why I'm seriously considering the move to xbox.

That, and the GT series looks about dead in the water... Forza is just way more engaging of a driving simulation than GT now.

I used to be a huge PS fan, and I still love some of the exclusives that are out for it, but that number of exclusives isn't as big or awesome as it once was... From what I saw of xbox one, it's definitely got a lot more uses lined up than the PS4, who's only new addition is being able to background download game updates... whoopty-effing-dooooo
xbox all the way
I won't be buying ether one of them , I hardly ever play my 360 lol , only thing I'm excited for tis the new gta.
im wondering how the TV portion of the xbox is going to work... Like do you plug in your existing cable line into it and it replaces your cable box but you still need to have a rogers package? or would it be tv that you get through microsoft that you subscribe to, and if this is the case i wonder how many channels you will get... Overall its a good idea but i hate how they are forcing connect onto everyone, i dont want to use voice commands and hand gestures to control my tv. Im assuming Sony has saved some things to show at E3 though.
the whole cable thing looks like controlling it through the HDMI port. The xbox one will have an HDMI in port that will be able to control your cable box (if rogers enables it I guess)... and there will likely be the usual streaming content as well.
little old and outdated, but did anyone get either of the new systems?
the fiancée pre-ordered me a ps4 for the first day launch
no issues with it what so ever so far. graphics are awesome. interface is pretty sweet as well
so far I got: need for speed, assassins creed black flag, BF4, Knack, Madden 25, rayman legends, and lara croft tombraider
I picked up a launch day PS4 -- I have NFS, Knack, Resogun, Trials Fusion, Stryder, and a few other PSN games... NFS is my favourite by far, but I've pretty much finished it outright... Knack was a bit of a disappointment, while resogun and Trials Fusion are just plain ol' fun. The controller batteries don't last very long, but that's a minor niggle.

Other than that, i hope they add DLNA capability to it -- but the thing is this, since I got PSN+, I've been playing more PS3 since there's a load of amazing freebies to play on it, including Drake's Fortune(s), Bioshock(s), etc... that's some serious AAA gaming... and it's all included in that $50/yr subscription. If all I had to do was wait, I'd consider never buying a new game ever (haha, like that's going to happen)
I got a ps4 too. I only have killzone but im eyeing NFS.

Its a great netflix machine... Lol
Got a PS4 for Christmas Smile
Have Killzone, Marvel Lego, BF4, COD, Injustice, NFS
I think NFS is the only game I don't enjoy? maybe because I thought there would be more to it and the fact it isn't 2 player is a drag.
dunno just couldn't get into it so it collects dust now lol

knack I personally loved. took me about 4-5 days to beat but It made me feel like a kid again haha
BF4 is the first game iv really played in that style of game. so its taking my quite awhile to get a grasp of the aiming and such. that and it keeps glitching on the last level so I always have to keep restarting

Assassins creed im also stuck on a level lol

and I haven't played tomb raider yet but the fiancée has beaten it. pretty wicked game actually 351 ways to die and if your have the playroom camera it makes the game voice activated, you can change weapons and a bunch of other jazz by your voice. pretty sweet
Seems like everyone got the ps4, I ended up with the xbox one. Got it cheap from someone that won it, probably the only way I would have bought this thing.

I have NFS and Forza as my only games. I find load times crazy slow for a 500 dollar system, escpecially annoying in NFS. Maybe i'm old but online against 8 year old kids, and listening to them in my ear annoys me. I'm too old or dumb or lazy to figure out how to mute them so I just leave the headset attached and on the ground.

The TV integration is not very exciting. I was really hoping they would give mediacenter capabilities, but its really crippled.

If I had to do it again I would probably just get a PS4 or maybe just a new helmet, since I use that more than a game system.
I haven't heard to many good reviews about the xbox one. basically Microsoft flopped on this console like they did the 360. I know the xbox one has to up convert to 1080p where the ps4 is always 1080p. load times are pretty quick I find on the ps4 I don't have many complaints about that. even system updates download and install in a pretty good time manner as well.

apparently in June, Microsoft is releasing the xbox one with out the kinekt
I got PS4 on launch with battlefield 4 and cod ghosts... I am going to sell ghosts and maybe pick up mlb.

The system is really good but missing some things like video playback from a usb

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