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Full Version: Massiv Monday Meet Aug 12TH @ 7PM
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[Image: MASSIVMONDAYLOGO_zpse4552a72.jpg]

That time is here again guys. Hopefully you can all make it out.
I'll be collecting $$$$ from you for the Dyno Day if you want to save some cash. Please bring exact $, I consider any extra a tip Big Grin

Location- Tim's/Staples Parking Lot Dixie Rd & Aimco Mississauga
Time- 7PM to whenever...

Post up if you can make it or not.
Ill b thur e thuggin
Bump for good weather.
I'll stop by to give dyno day moneys.
Hey, so it's raining but we will still be in the TimHorton's.
Rain stopped down here, hope it is same up there
Yep same here!! For now. Lol