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Full Version: Massive Monday Meet July 14, 2014
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[Image: MASSIVMONDAYLOGO_zpse4552a72.jpg]

It's that time again. John's continued to be crazy busy with work so I'm stepping in to get this ball rolling.

The long range forecast is very good (as it should be for July) and this is the ideal time and the ideal weather for Focus people to get together.

We've had some pretty good turnouts so far this year so if you haven't been out yet, make a point to do so this Monday.

For those who might be interested - I've finally had the track rat dipped and I think it's a home run - come on out and tell me what you think.

See you there!!!

Massiv Monday Meet July 14th

Time - 7:30PM
Place - Staples / Tim Horton's Parking Lot. (Dixie and Aimco Mississauga)

1 ZTWsqaured
2 2000zx3sct
3 dBlast
4 Scorcher000
I will def make it priority to be there this time , just got the wagon rolling . I'm def interested in seeing your dipped focus . If anyone wants to meetup in Hamilton and convoy down Lmk .
Drive that SVT Wagon carefully. One of these days (years) we will make it down again (last time was in 2011). Ya gotta get a vanity plate. That should blow some people's minds. Two shadow grey Focus wagons, both with blue interiors, both with plates SVT-WGN. Maybe we could convince some neophyte reporter they came that way from the factory. Maybe, just maybe it might convince Ford there is a market for sports wagons in North America.
I'm in...I just have to see what you did to my old baby.

I remember picking it out 14 years ago. My intention was to purchase a silver or black ZX3 but the blue stood out (not many blue cars back then).
Turns out I'm going to the states for work Sunday til Thursday, won't be making this one myself. I'll ask Taylor if she feels ambitious or not
Hey guys.
Thanks Ken for posting this. And yes I have been very busy with work. On Monday I pulled a 23HR day plus worked the next day from 7AM-5PM. So ya, busy.

I'm definitely in as usual and I can't wait to see the car all Dipped.
Bump , anyone else able to make it out ?
Adam, joey, Jamie additional.
Great meet guys. I'll post pictures up of what everyone else missed.
I'm sorry this took me a while to post up but it's worth it lol

Here is Ken's amazing PlastiDip Focus (Vince's old focus)
[Image: IMG_20140714_194307_zpscf696b11.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140714_194317_zpsfad5565b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140714_194405_zps6a67cf82.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140714_194434_zpsd21ccf0f.jpg]

Vince's new Focus
[Image: IMG_20140714_194630_zpsa23d2ef6.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20140714_194708_zps7608f9ae.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140714_194720_zps7b4f9667.jpg]

I gave this to Joey as it matches his car perfectly. This is the original Ford Showroom Flyer for the 2002 SVT Focus
[Image: IMG_20140714_194748_zps1a69560b.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20140714_194740_zps3e307563.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20140714_200926_zpsb92f9884.jpg]
Wow the plasti dip looks amazing