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Full Version: Massiv Monday Meet July 28th
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Hey Guys and maybe gals...

It's happening again. The usual meet, at the usual spot and the usual time too. It works well and I hope more members will make it out too. The pervious meetings have gone well. I'd love to see it get crazy big but we don't Vtech lol. I'd love to setup a meeting along side one of the major GTA meetings that happen but they are later on in the night and have a lot of people that bring a lot of police around. Both we don't care for.

I guess I may start taking Dyno Day Deposits too. But I will talk to Dru and figure the cost of everything going on.

Well bring the family, kids and your friends or just yourself.

July 28th

Time - 7:30PM-10:00PM or whenever...
Place - Staples / Tim Horton's Parking Lot. (Dixie and Aimco Mississauga)


If I have the night off work I'll prob be there .
awesome. I know the Dyno Day has blocked this from being seen, but we need more people lol.
I WILL be come out to this one lol
sure sure lol.
Haha I will be there
I'm there guyyy