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Full Version: Massiv Monday August 11th
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Hey everyone,

Time for another meet. Last meet we didn't have much attendance but I thank the ones that made it out!!!!
This Monday I will be collecting the whole $55 from the members that wish to participate in the Dyno Day by running they're vehicle on the rollers. You can watch for FREE so don't stress that out. I figure it's going to be a busy day so let's book our cars in. Make sure you have exact cash but I will try and have some $5's for change.

Like all past meets, anyone is invited to come no matter what they have. We show up around 7:30PM and leave when you feel the need too. Depending on the weather or things we have going on we split around 9-10PM.

I hope to see you all there with your money!!! oh and your cars too... Big Grin

August 11th, 2014
Time - 7:30PM-10:00PM or whenever...
Place - Staples / Tim Horton's Parking Lot. (Dixie and Aimco Mississauga)

I'm going. But where? Lol. I've never made it out yet, but this is the first massive Monday I've had free. Plus I need to bring $55. Lol
Hey, just google map the intersection of Dixie Rd and Aimco in Mississauga.
I know that intersection. Shouldn't be an issue
I definetly need to start attempting to make it out.
Going to try and make it out to this one.
I'll be there , I'll ether be super early or super late . Picking up a load of focus parts in Toronto that day so I'll pop by on my way back , I'll bring the dyno day money as well .
More the better!!
Looks like one of the better turnouts this summer. Just my luck I can't make it. My son has been invited to participate in a piano symposium at Sir Wilfred Laurier University next week and they won't let him stay in residence by himself - so I have to go too.
I'll be there
The little SPI will be there as usual... With a nice new addition that I'm pretty happy with Smile

Will try to bring the $55 too
Just please be gentle. My car's a disgrace, and I have no time to clean it anytime soon. Sad

Can't wait to actually meet some of ya though,
should be a good test run for my battery relocation job, assuming i get it back together tomorrow lol
Wow, this is going to be a good meet!!

Ken that suck you can't make it but amazing Owen is playing there. Take some video to show off later on. I love the sound of a piano!!

And yes please bring your $55. I am setting up a Hamlton meet for this Friday. I'll post that today. So if you are from that area, don't stress I'll collect the $55 from that neck of the woods when I get out there!!!
Ok so this is tonight!! They say rain but as I see if the darker clouds are blowing by and lighter clouds and not far from clear patches.
I'm still heading down. I'll be in a White 2014 Ram. Don't ask... and if it's raining then we will meet in the Timmy's.

C ya soon!!
Major apologies everyone my commute through the city took about 2 hours and the running around I had to do between Milton and the Ssauga I wasn't free until 10pm. Sad Spent so much damn time detailing yesterday afternoon too.
Yeah the weather channel said rain so I decided not to come .
Nice meeting a few people. Now I'm told I have no excuse not to go to the next one.
that's right you don't lol. Well we aren't forcing you. Good to meet you and hope more come out too!!