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Full Version: Massiv Monday Meet September 9th
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Hey guys,

This is an off Monday Meet. I am scheduled for 24hr shift on Monday so Tuesday is the day we will set this for.
I hope more people bring Dyno Day money or pay the full $60 on the day of.
Hope to see you out there and I hope the weather is great for us!

September 9th

Time - 7:30PM-10:00PM or whenever...
Place - Staples / Tim Horton's Parking Lot. (Dixie and Aimco Mississauga)


Tuesday Works for me, Like John mentioned this meet will be the last chance to save $5 on the Dyno Day. I'll be out to collect the cash.
Anyone else coming out on this random Tuesday?
I couldn't make it. Had to go to the hospital and other fun stuff. :/
Catch ya'll on Saturday though.