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Hey guys,

This will be one of the last outdoor meets of the year as the temperature is dropping and the cars are put away for storage.
I will setup the Dinners like I did before but this time I will have Hooters host it. The food is cheaper and they won't be so crazy when a bunch of us show up out of the blue...

Usual place and time. If you don't see us by the cars we will be inside the Tim's
Post up if you can make it out!!!!!!!

October 6, 2014

Time - 7:30PM
Place - Staples TimHorton's Parking Lot. (Dixie and Aimco Mississauga)

Thank you for posting Ken! I am a maybe as I am on 24HR service call that night. I'll be there if I can.
Well if I'm not stuck working then I will do my best to make it!
Hope you can make it Matt.

Also: on Monday evening I will be demonstrating two new products I picked up in the US ...

The first is a relatively inexpensive enzyme-based anti-mold cleaner designed to kill the mold and mildew that sometimes grows in the A/C system.

The second is an enzyme-based odor eliminator and car refresher.