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Hey everyone.

Just a heads up, I bought a brand new vinyl cutter a couple weeks ago. Which means decals! yay! haha had nothing but issues buying older cutters so this time I spent the dough and got a reliable machine.

So if anyone is interested in getting anything done up just let me know! I do have the original FC decals on file as well as some alternative styles that scorcher and I made up once upon a time. (i'll try to post pics to give a visual).

Also, you can do anything custom as well, if you have a certain brand you want (like FSWERKS, K&N, etc.). Any size and color as well.

So if you're interested or know anyone who is just PM me here or get a hold of my by text/call at 226.387.4903.

Pricing varies but definitely not expensive...easy way to gain 5hp...everyone knows that!
Hrmmmmm I think I may need +5 hp
Hey guys, just a quick heads up I will be posting some samples that John (scorcher) and I have made up over the years and even some new idea's for "Focus Canada" decals, as well as other layouts as well such as low and wide hatch decals and maybe some FSWERKS decals or other aftermarket logos. Some pics to come!!! I'll try to remember to hop back on later tonight and post it up for everyone.
post away!!!
And a current pricelist too Smile
Hey sorry guys, havent been on here to update in a bit, holy crap does this forum ever look different now! haha I'll post a pic with a price for each different decal available. Also, if you want anything custom or see anything online you guys may want just let me know and i can make those up as well.
LOL just noticed the last username. Hahahahaha
haha yeah i originally mocked those up for john and joey to take down to focus rising...slightly misspelled joeys username lol
hahahaha just slightly Smile
hahaha wicked username.. sweet decals Brandon..
will have to hit you up for some custom work soon
Do you by any chance take PayPal and put them in the mail?
I can do whatever floats your boat sir. My paypal is and just let me know what your mailing address is and i can toss it the mail for you easily enough.