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Full Version: Show 'n Shine
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I am shameless. On Monday (a holiday here in Saskatchewan), I drove over and down to Kenaston for their William Holder Memorial Show 'n Shine. Alas, I forgot to bring my camera (I had to leave before 07:30, and the local coffee row was still not open.)

Many cars there, even another Focus wagon all decked out with Hot Wheels flames and Ford decals. I ended up being parked between a 1964 Dodge Polara with a 650 HP 528 cubic inch Hemi on my right, and a 1956 Crown Victoria, with Thunderbird V8 and a Continental kit on my left. So sitting there, it was oo-oo-aw to the left, chopped liver and then wow on the right.

Occasionally someone did stop and ask (almost derisively) why are you here? "It's a good place to park." No, actually I have never been that sarcastic, but close. So I would go into my spiel how my son built this car for me, that it was never offered by Ford, etc. Surprisingly, the distaff side was much more interested than many of their boyfriends. When I pointed out that my little 2.0 L SVT motor put out more power per cubic inch, even more people paid attention.

I had prepared a handout, printed a half dozen copies in colour, and found the recipients were really appreciative. The owner to my right (Hemi) was actually a former student (he changed, from long hair to follicly challenged, from skinny kid to, well, let’s say his chest slipped, big time) read my brochure.

All of the People's Choice awards went to old muscle cars. C'est la vie.