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Full Version: Threads To Read Before You Go Racing.
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Please post any links to threads relating to racing your car (safety, setup, etc)...

Threads considered 'must read' will be in the 1st post above, while all helpful links will remain in the following posts.
dp check out this site it takes about the High performance driving event (HDPE) program at NASA. HDPEs are sometimes called 'driving schools' 'school days' 'lapping schools' etc.

in my opinion a well run HDPE is a great way for a first timer to go onto a track

here's my opinion for anyone who is interested in taking their vehicle (any vehicle) to the track

1) keep the car showroom stock for your first time
2) remove all loose items from the car

that's it. its better to keep the car stock for many reasons.. a car with lower limits (crap tires) and slower weight transfer (softer suspension) is great for learning