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Full Version: 2009 Bbq, Show N Shine & Cruise
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Ok so we have 18 people and more....If you can't make it please let us know.

If you have 2way radios bring them and don't forget the GPS or Camera

Lets hope for sun!!!.....If its a nice day and not raining we will have the Lotus Exige guys coming with us on the cruise.

So get some rest and see you all tomorrow.
well look slike i wont be making it as i but the focus away today... explded the timing belt serpentine belt and and tesioner plus another pulley...... engine build under way effective immediatly
So we are still a go for tomorrow. I am really looking forward to this. Lindsey and Riley have backed out, but Jamie and I will be there. See you all in the morning!!
i just got home,...yes at 130 lol. anyway theres not a cloud in the sky and its a full moon outside, hopefully it stays that way.
It's happening captin

Please bring small bills and change, 2 ways, tank of gas, camera, and a good attitude.
Scorcher000,Oct 3 2009, 05:27 AM Wrote:It's happening captin

Please bring small bills and change, 2 ways, tank of gas, camera, and a good attitude.

5:27AM John? Isn't that a little early to be up.
hopefully the weather holds up, im getting ready now.
I'm about to head out as well -- just grabbing the swag, and heading to the coin wash....
well the weather held out for the most was actually sunny during the BBQ. and then at the ski lodge it stopped raining after pics were taken lol. good bbq/cruise guys, hopefully next years will be that much better. and kev jamie is so jokes lol.

dirka dirka! :lol:
how many cars showed up?
weather wasnt looking good so i stayed back home...was going to head there with burnin21 but he sheared his shift tower bolt the other night lol so he was out also
i got up and it was raining here so i went back to bed.

its a 4h drive to the BBQ from my house so i wasnt risking it

While it was unfortunate that folks were turned away by the weather, we still had a good turnout, had some fun, and shared some laughs..

and even the recent economic downturn didn't stop us from handing out over $200 in prizes.

A huge thanks to our organizers - scorcher, tickets - for making it a fun meet followed by a great drive....

here's looking forward to next year's event!

pics to follow...
Was much fun folks and my thanks as well to Scorcher000 and Tiketz for putting this together.

Winning "Best Engine Bay" was a nice surprise as well :D

Lots of rain at one point during the cruise, thought I'd stumbled into a boat cruise :ph34r: :lol:

Uber thanks to John and Tony for organizing this great event. Thanks to Steve for the goodies and stickers. Jamie had quite a bit of fun. For about half the trip home she was saying that she didn't want to go home. As for the weather, it could have been worse right? There was quite the Lightning show coming across the 401 on the way home.

I won best I.C.E. and I didn't even bring a cooler. LOL. Not sure why but I think its because John's GF has the hots for me (she was judging and didn't have a clue that all I had was a deck and sub[and she didn't even see the sub]). Oh well I am not complaining.

Thanks for a great event boys. We should start a new thread for the photos.
Sorry we couldn't make it in time guys. We had a bunch of problems, dyno issues, tuning took 2 hours for my bud's 240sx as well an hour for my car. Tried to catch up with you guys but we had to turn back as I forgot my coat and camera at Steeda. That's all the excuses I have. Puppet kept me in the loop and it seems like you had a good time. Hope to see some of you at CSCS tomorrow.

FYI dyno numbers were 220whp and 235wtq. Tuning not done yet tho. :)
Who has their photos uploaded yet. I want to see what everyone else got. I got a few good ones. I need to go through and edit some but here you are.

Focus Canada BBQ 2009

[Image: IMG_1251.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1211.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1247.jpg]
I haven't been on in a month and I see this after I go out with the J-Body Club of Ontario's cruise today with my boyfriend! I'm so upset I missed this!!! I could've gone out with my fellow Foci!! RaWr!! :angry:
midnightsbeauty,Oct 3 2009, 11:27 PM Wrote:I haven't been on in a month and I see this after I go out with the J-Body Club of Ontario's cruise today with my boyfriend!  I'm so upset I missed this!!!  I could've gone out with my fellow Foci!! RaWr!!  :angry:

You see it dosen't pay to stay away. Oh well, there is always next year. Or a Masiv Meet.
some of my pics... still uploading stuff...

[Image: fushion-drive.jpg]

[Image: fusion-interior.jpg]

[Image: cars-beg.jpg]

[Image: cloudy-cruise.jpg]

[Image: fcnet.jpg]

[Image: cars-middle.jpg]

[Image: mustang-hill.jpg]

[Image: mustang-side.jpg]

[Image: cars_end.jpg]
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