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Full Version: Sscc Solo Ii
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Heres the SSCC Solo II for Saskatoon. Thought that I'd post it up, see some more focus out there. All the events are the Credit Union Centre parking lot.

23 May (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
28 May (Sunday) @ 11:30am
06 June (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
18 June (Sunday) @ 11:30am
20 June (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
11 July (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
16 July (Sunday) @ 11:30am
25 July (Sunday) @ 11:30am
30 July (Sunday) @ 11:30am
08 Aug (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
13 Aug (Sunday) @ 11:30am
22 Aug (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
2-3 Sep (Sat-Sunday, SSIS Weekend)
05 Sep (Tuesday) @ 6:30pm
24 Sep (Sunday) @ 11:30

Costs are:
$5 for your first time out
$10 for members
$20 for non - members

its about 3hrs for a full event, but a blast out there.

more info here

Sweet I've been thinking about it. How is the lot there? I screw around in it once in awhile and it's usually pretty pebbly and dusty. SIR season too... poor tires...
there's not a lot of dust out there, we sweep the course before the first car is out. little bit for the first few cars, but it settles down.

I'm trying to get a few other Foci that don't post here to come out as well