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Hamilton Meet - lonewolf - 08-18-2011

So I keep in contact with a few members in the area and there interest in getting another hamilton meet together. The season is nearing its end so lets get the ball rolling.

Normal spot, Far parking lot of the Best Buy in stoney creek. For those of you who dont know its just off Stone Church avenue. I'll try to post a map later.

Shall we say Wednesday, August 31st? around 7 PM

Date is open to sugesstions.

1. lonewolf
2. 1seensvt

RE: Hamilton Meet - 1seensvt - 08-18-2011

f yeah im good for any time

RE: Hamilton Meet - lonewolf - 08-31-2011

wow thats it?? come on ppl.....
Should I change the date maybe?

RE: Hamilton Meet - euro_zx5 - 08-31-2011

I'll try and make it, and mention it to Spencer.

RE: Hamilton Meet - stupica1 - 08-31-2011

i'd go but no insurance on the foci right now Sad

RE: Hamilton Meet - lonewolf - 09-01-2011

Well this was a bust, no one showed up. I left and a new comer showed up. Time to set up a make up for this one.

RE: Hamilton Meet - 1seensvt - 09-01-2011

well i would like to say sorry for not showing up the date some how slipped my mind i must of been on the good stuff or some thing like that

RE: Hamilton Meet - lonewolf - 09-02-2011

lol no worries, im setting another one up later tonight so keep a look out for the post.

RE: Hamilton Meet - 2MuchDub4U - 09-02-2011

Iam up for it just let me know where n when

RE: Hamilton Meet - paolo - 09-02-2011

im also game for a hammer meet. just make it a good time in the evening so commuters from the east can make it there reasonably with little traffic