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Rules For Selling
There are some rules that should be adhered to in this forum. It is requested that all posts stay explicitly on topic. Once a for sale item is posted, the thread should contain only questions and clarifications for purpose of the sale.

Low-balling, badgering and insulting someone based on their for sale item will no longer be tolerated. If you have concern over a seller, please notify a moderator. If you wish to 'low ball' a seller's post, contact them via PM to make your offer.

Post serious offers only.

The Seller
You must have 100+ posts to post in for sale.

All for sale items must be approved by a moderator. New posts that are submitted will not appear in the sell forum until it is approved by a moderator. Please submit only one post for your sale item. If you wish to make an update, wait until the topic is approved by a moderator, and then modify the post.

Each for sale item must include a detailed description of the item, any defects, or imperfections that are not implied with a new product. It's also in your best interest to include pictures of what you're selling. Large pictures linked to from the site is the best way to go so the buyer knows what they're buying.

It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the buyer is fully aware of what they're buying. The seller should be asking for fair market prices. Any items deemed to be for sale as part of a business transaction, or for the sole purpose of extracting unwarranted profit from the item may have their post pulled or edited by a moderator.

Once money is received from the buyer, the seller is obligated to ship the item expediently to the buyer as agreed upon.

As seller, you assume all responsibility for the sale item. You may not post sale threads for a 3rd party who is not an active member of focuscanada.

The Buyer
It is the Buyer's responsibility that upon aggreement of payment, the payment is made promptly with the full understanding that the item will be shipped to them following receipt of payment.

Make sure that you are aware of the item being sold and that ALL questions and concerns are resolved before any transaction is made.
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