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St Thomas Drags
Hey guys, who is in for drags this Friday? I'm going down fo sure. It's starting to be fall, nice clean crisp air ;)
2004 SVT 3Dr

goign to grand bend tonite casue I know that there timers work :lol:
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yeah, so, are ya going to Sparta on Friday is the question :P
2004 SVT 3Dr

I went to the grocery store yesterday and raced a bimmer. :blink:


I might tag along, speak to me in the afternoon tomorrow and I will have a better idea of my avaibility.

-1991 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R
-2002 Red SVT focus # 2262 - sold
-2000 silver ZX3 - sold
This Friday i'm going to Cayuga........I would go to St. Thomas but its like an 1.5 hour drive for me. Anyone else want to go to Cayuga?
2004 Ford Focus ZX5 MTX75 - Liquid Grey -

15.7 @ 86mph

1994 Pontiac Trans AM 25th Anniversary 6 spd -

12.3 @ 110mph

2013 Ford Focus ST - Oxford White

1/4 TBD
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I might go to cayuga this friday, what time are you leaving? are you from the toronto area?
SVT Motor Swap into 2000 zx3 with 5spd.
14.9 @ 93MPH
"I am going to run 5's .... I am planning on installing a rocket engine!"

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