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Sherkston Shores Meet
Just wanted to give a shoutout to blackbirdphoto for setting this up ... I'm not sure what the overall turnout was because to be frank I screwed up and couldn't find the group ... so we just set up on the beach and hung out.

We really enjoyed the day - the beach was great, the water much nicer than I expected, and the amenities at Sherkston were very nice ... swimming pools, hot tub, restaurant, stuff for the kids - all good.

Even the drive down was nice although we had to get off the QEW at Stoney Creek due to major back-up ... but once we got onto some of the backroads it was really quite relaxing, if a bit longer of a drive.

So thanks again blackbirdphoto - let's do it again next year.

Parked right on the beach...
[Image: 124.jpg]

New addition for us this year is the personal beach Cabana from Costco ... comfy
[Image: 130.jpg]

Focus on the beach...
[Image: 128.jpg]

The kids enjoying the water - Vanessa's almost as tall as her mom now ...
[Image: 129.jpg]
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Good pics - looks like a great beach.
Me and sun (and heat) do not get along.

I cannot sem to find the pic of you in a thong???

Wifey and I were at Sherkston a few years ago when
our youngest and his wife were performing Flatland stuff.
We babysat.

They also have one of those convertible tent thingys.
It's great for their two during soccer games.

Glad you had a good time.
2009... .

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