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Auto Shows in central Saskatchewan
Draggins 52nd Annual Rod & Custom Car Club Show
April 6-7, 2012 (10:00 to 22:00 both Friday and Saturday)
Prairieland Park
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Majestics 46th Annual Car Show
April 14-15, 2012 (10:00 to 22:00 Saturday; 10:00 to 17:00 Sunday)
Canada Centre Building - Evras Place
Regina, Saskatchewan

Wadena Auto Cruisers 4th Annual Auto Show & Shine
May 19, 2012 (10:00 to 17:00)
Wadena, Saskatchewam
306-338-3682 or

Meacham 4th Annual Father's Day Show & Shine
June 17, 2012 (10:00 to 17:00 on Sunday)
Meacham, Saskatchewan
306-376-2066 or
How quickly time passes when you are having fun. Unfortunately I missed the two Saskatchewan Annual Car Shows due to kidney stones (don't ask.) Then two weeks ago, a deer jumped out of the ditch and T-boned the wagon. Fortunately it was the Taurus not the Focus. (Yeah, I like wagons.) Today, we drove our parts Taurus in from the back forty. It will donate a door to replace the damaged door, hopefully.
[Image: 2uzs8x5.jpg]

We have replaced and repaired (repainted) the door on the Taurus (the passenger side one which was T-boned by a deer.)

[Image: 2yycm7m.jpg]

This weekend (June 16), we plan to take the Focus wagon (SVT-WGN) into Saskatoon to display at Merlin Motors from 10:00 until 15:00 or so. This is an all Ford Show & Shine event. There will be one little old Focus wagon among all the Mustangs and antique Fords. (The photo above is of SVT-WGN at the Wadena Show & Shine.)
[Image: 29wr70l.jpg]

After the better part of a week of rain, Saturday June 16 dawned clear. I drove SVT-WGN into the annual Saskatoon Mustang and Antique all Ford Show & Shine held at Merlin Motors in Saskatoon. Over fifty cars were on display; most were Mustangs, only one Focus (mine) and a few older Fords (Thunderbirds, Taurus SHO, Mercury Marauder, a couple of Lincolns and a few trucks.)

Play "Where is Waldo (Robert)?" if you want.
(05-28-2012, 09:49 AM)SVT-WGN Wrote: Today, we drove our parts Taurus in from the back forty.

LOL - there's something you don't read on here everyday!

2008 Fusion SEL MTX - DD1 * 2009 Fusion SEL - DD2 * 2007 Focus ZXW - R*I*P * 2004 Focus ZTW CD Silver - sold * 2004 Focus ZTW Black - sold * 2003 Focus ZTW Black - sold * 2001 Focus ZTW Gold - sold * 2000 Focus SE Wagon (ZTW option) - Black - sold * 2000 Focus SE Wagon (ZTW option) - Gold R*I*P

2003 Focus ZX5 infra-red Track Rat - R*I*P
2003 ZX5 CD Silver Track Rat - retired, but still in the driveway

New track rat: 2000 ZX3, Atlantic Blue * JRSC with lots more to come

* New Zetec crate motor - NFG - thanks Topspeed *
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nice try
ZTWsquared, reading your comment "LOL - there's something you don't read on here every day!" made me think. Which part did you find unusual? Driving a parts Taurus or that we have a back forty? The parts Taurus has served me well. It has provided me with a replacement catalytic converter, a replacement lower passenger side rocker panel, the passenger side door, and a "funnel" (???) above the cabin air filter.

Still to be removed (otherwise it would already be at the wreckers) is the front sheet metal clip, radiator support and airbags. The other Taurus (another SGI write-off with 68,000 km) needs those pieces. Then we will have both a Taurus wagon (red) and Taurus sedan (black) as well as my toy, the SVT-WGN Focus.

At this point, if anyone on this forum needs blue (or is prepared to repaint) Taurus body parts, Vulcan engine and transmission for a 2000 Taurus, you are free to come and get them. Just ask if what you need is worth the trip or if it is available.

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