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Cleaned snow from driveway. Still need to remove snow from SVT-WGN. Ah-h-h, winter. Yes the car is driven all year long. Why would you put heated seats in a summer only driver?

[Image: 5xs6it.jpg]
Those poor rims!!!!!! Tongue
No snow here.. Sad

About rims..the guy that bought my EAP's bought them for winter
Got snow and ice here... not alot but have some.
These are my "winter" rims. I have a set of 15 spoke rims for summer.
I am jealous. Send some my way please.
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Svt Rims as Winter Rims! :'(
There factory wheels lol. Gotta protect the aftermarkets!!!!

On another note. Can you send some that snow to hamilton please!!!!
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The 15 spoke are factory Ford from a 2010 Focus - they are 17 by 7 inch aluminum wheels. These are not aftermarket: I swapped my original 2002 Focus wagon 15 by 6 inch 10 spoke alloy wheels (which would not fit over the front brakes) with a 2010 Focus owner who wanted a higher profile tire/wheel combination (softer ride). He got his softer ride, and I got a set of fifteen spoke 17" Focus wheels (very similar to SVT fifteen spoke wheels);. The SVT five spoke wheels do have a few dents - none that leak air fortunately.
man i have after market and im going back to stock lmao, screw that! the stock svt 5 spoke lookwayyyy better then most after market, so simple yet so beautiful lol
[Image: taow74.jpg]

Totally agree with you, but the cost of straightening the rims outweighs aesthetics. The photo shows the snow blower we have in town. Our street is usually cleared within a day or two. For anyone wanting snow, just bring a truck and you can get all you want for free. (Ouch, sarcasm this close to Christmas.)
ahhh makes sence Tongue
Put on summer rims (15 spoke late model 17" Focus wheels). Snow has just melted, grass is still brown. Thought you might like to see my brother-in-law's Piper Super Cub.

[Image: 5kj1tu.jpg]
lookin' nice...

Those pipers are insane little planes!
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