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Previous Users Trying to Come Back to Focus Canada
Hello everyone,

I'm a previous user/contributor to this forum. I have found the forum to be a good source of information. I have had positive responses to my posts.

On the negative side, which I have found on other sites too, is:
The inability to sign up again after a long absence.

Let me explain:

This is my experience:

After changing my email address a few times over the years, I no longer have access to replies from Focus Forum if I try to log in without knowing my old Focus Forum password. It will get sent to an email address I no longer use.

Like most people, I use several dozen passwords over the years to "be safe". So any guesses I make to sign in using my old signup login will be seen as "hacking?"

I found that after several attempts at signing in trying to figure out / remember, my old sign in login, I was frustrated enough to not bother coming back.

I don't know the solution for returning members, but probably they are not as persistent as myself, and just won't bother to continue to login and will become lurkers.

Forums like this are a good thing. I'm still driving a 2002 Focus Station Wagon, we like to call "the Nugget" as it is gold in colour. - John

Best thing to do would be to PM myself or another moderator with details and we'll see what we can do. Unfortunately, it's not something typically allowed because then anyone can claim to be you with a different e-mail and talk me into sending them their password.

Hopefully in the next little while, I can work on integrating facebook logins as well.
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