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Canadian National Pictures
Well it was a fun day at the races, I took the wife's cousin. It was his first time to a race and hes hooked. Anyways here are some pics. Joe did good,and I couldn't believe that the Cobalt SS beat up the Cuda?????


[Image: tmpphpqxJgha.jpg]

[Image: tmpphpRjd5UN-1.jpg]

[Image: tmpphpLuxhlP.jpg]

[Image: tmpphpFqOusI.jpg]
[Image: tmpphp7UMBr8.jpg]
[Image: tmpphpr0K310.jpg]

oh ya and the bird that got stuck in my wifes grill

[Image: tmpphpWoifmL2.jpg]
[center]TEAM PITA™ Don't settle for a wannabe, only accept the real deal.[/center]
I got called into work that weekend totally sucked....wish I was there!
i was there fri and sat but with my daily driver focus but on sunday i blew a rad hose on the way up so i didn't make it
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I was on;y there Sunday, but it was still fun.
[center]TEAM PITA™ Don't settle for a wannabe, only accept the real deal.[/center]

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