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306motorclub Car Show In Regina July 21
im going with a few people from saskatoon.

When: Sat July 21st

Location: Wascana Park

**(In front of the Legaslative Building East Side of the Parking lot)

Time: 11am -5

Come out and check out the Sport Bikes, Cars/Trucks and the Thunder City Display Tent.
sadly i won't be there, i hear its supposed to be a pretty big thing.
'03 Focus SVT
boo erns
gotta pay for school some how, and my car isn't ready anyways.

but take lots of pictures man.
'03 Focus SVT
well rain killed it so we drove home after a stop at BPs but i did see guilty driveing down albert street i think it was. We were on our way home with crudy 92 octane i want 94.

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