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Full Version: Hamilton Meet!!!!!!!!! Nov 9th Friday 7PM
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I been reading alot on people wanting another hamilton meet so lets get one last meet in before the "S" word comes along,same spot as always Hamilton , and at the Best buy far parking lot off of stonechurch for Friday Nov.9th at about 7PM lets make this meet as big as our last one, Hope to see more then just Wally and Myself out there Tongue
well its me and you for sure lol
ps cars looking good dude
haha yessir! , you and me , and meat head lol and my booster juice xD and thanks bro, still have to slam it like yours though hahah!
yeah and meat head lol
Ill be there !
So that makes 4 so far guys, comeon I know its early, but get going on this thread!!!
I'd like to come out but Friday is Vanessa's swim night. Maybe next time.
I saw a nice 2012 titanium sedan today with aftermarket 18s looked really clean I mentioned fc and this meet, hopefully we can get some new members out! I still don't have a schedule for next month but ill probably make it.
I'm in to come down
I can probably get down there from london.
Hopefully he does Chris, it be good to see some new fofo's, a 2012 at that and sweet Sounds good Jamie, and 0XDESVT hope its good weather and to see you come out.
I'm in.

Shall we extend the invitation to the Focus Fanatics group as well?

Their Ontario section has been talking about a meetup; dunno if it has happened yet.

the more people the better terry
I posted up the time and place on Focus Fanatics so hopefully more people will come out.
Hopefully people see it and come out!
if you post it then they will come lol
i might come but wount be with the focus i dont think
does any body have silver stickers that is coming to the meet that i could buy
(11-02-2012, 09:05 AM)1seensvt Wrote: [ -> ]does any body have silver stickers that is coming to the meet that i could buy

I got a couple one silver one white .
ok bring them stickers please and we can talk
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