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Full Version: 3rd Annual Dyno Day Confirmed
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When: Sept. 16, 2010 9 AM - 11 AM (Approx)
Where: DaSilva Racing 960 Brock Road, Pickering ON
Cost: $50 Registered $55 Day Of
Dyno: Two Wheel Dyno Jet. Sorry AWD guys.
Two pulls with air/fuel With your best run printed out.
Register Online Click Here
Registration Deadline: Sept. 1, 2012 I need atleast 10 People registered or I will be forced to cancel this event.
[Image: 9b52f461.jpg]


Since the Interact E-mail tansfer wasn't working out I've registered our event with eventbrite. I will also accept paypal to if you send it as a gift but I still get charged with fees so please send $21.00 Deposit and pay $30 Day of. Then register with eventbrite as paid cash deposit.

I believe John will be accepting cash deposits of $20 at the massive meets. But if you are unable to make it out there you can pay online.

You can also register directly at eventbrite but the fee is a little higher than paypal if you send it as a gift but cheaper than if you send it normally. The deposit option at $20 plus $2.19 fees and pay $30 cash day of.

If you just want to get it over with, you can pay in full at $50 plus $3.99 fee's and just show up and dyno.

Online ticket sales are currently Live and will close on Fri. Sept. 14, 2012 at 12:00 PM. So I can prepare for the event. Anything recieved after that will have to pay the day of cash price.

The main thought here is to have everyone registered prior to the event. So unfortunately I'll have to raise the cash price to $60 if you’re paying day of. So let’s get some registrations.

I will be getting a Turbocharger Key Chain for The Highest Boosted WHP Focus

also a Piston or Spark Plug Key Chain for the Highest All Motor WHP Focus

If focus man,focus still has the Slocus plate kicking around we will try to get it back from him and pass it down to the lowest whp Modified Focus (I will judge based on Mods)

I'm hoping to get over 20 cars this year. I'll also be inviting TM3 again hopefully we get a better turn out from them this year.

Previous Results:

2010 Dyno Day Results

2011 Dyno Day Results

*I can process a refund minus fee’s if you register and then have to cancel but please let me know prior to Sept. 14, 2012 or it will be too late*
Bump. I need deposits guys. It's fully refundable as long as we get atleast 10 Cars on the dyno.
Hey Dru,

My PC power source is fried so I don't have the ability to post as much as before...

Send me a text if need be 416 843 3118

I'm in for sure. I can collect Cash deposits from people out my way if that's ok with you. Let me know.

Also, I'm there either way lol.
hey guys. new member. been a focus fan for a bit now. about the dyno day. will it be mostly boosted cars tested or do a lot of n/a with mild bolt ons run too. dont want to be the guy at the bottom if i come. never done it before would like to try it.
There's only a couple boosted foci around... More na
Mostly n/a with minor bolt on's so come on out. Thanks John, If anyone want to leave a cash deposit with John at the Massive meets thats cool to.
mmm, i'm getting chipped on July 28th, so really tempted to do the dyno to see what is the actual HP out of my TDI Smile

That would be cool to see, Im sure the torque would be way up there.
can i invite bunch of TDI guys as well or you want to keep this as a Ford thing?

I told my dad and he's interested in bringing his Procharged Svt. I may even bring my car , just for the hell of it.
Well for the TDI guys tagginf along I don't see a problem. I think I may have a G5 coming and maybe a TDI/F150 coming with me.

All I know is that I'm super excited for this as the head finally goes in this weekend starting friday lol. I can't wait to hear how lumpy the cams sounds.

So if you want to bring people to this just post up how many people you have and collect the $20 deposit from them and give that either to I or Dru. Without deposits and a min of 10 cars running this event doesn't happen.

great thank you. Either one of you guys have paypal account that we can send money over?

Just an FYI to anyone organizing this - Paypal has a new event-management service called Eventbrite - integrates with a calendar, email, and of course Paypal. I downloaded it (haven't used it yet) and it looks pretty intuitive and simple - and it's free which is always good. Just a thought.
I always get charged fees with pay pal not sure about this new event thing but I will check it out. I suggested an interact e-transfer. No fees and you can transfer it right from your smart phone.
If you guys want to pay via pay pal right now I'll have to charge an extra 2 bucks you can also send it to If i can set up this event thing I will let you guys know.

As for inviting the TDI guys sure why not, Like John said if we don't get the confirmed numbers we don't have the event. Next year I might be putting together a sport compact Dyno Day inviting numererous forums so this will good practice.
if we send payment as a gift on paypal, the sender pays the fee's so thats the easiest way to do it. We all know you so we know you wont run off with our money lol for those who are familiar with pay pal it works better for me.
(07-25-2012, 11:18 PM)GFXjamie Wrote: [ -> ]if we send payment as a gift on paypal, the sender pays the fee's so thats the easiest way to do it. We all know you so we know you wont run off with our money lol for those who are familiar with pay pal it works better for me.

Really I did't know that, If you want to try go for it. I'll let you know what happens on my end. Ever since I sold my 1st turbo kit and was paid over pay pal they statred taking a % of the money sent to me.
ya i have done it a few times for people who didnt want to pay the fee's. I bought my turbo kit that way.

ill send through the cash and let me know what happens!
Eventbrite charges a fee but it does not include the charges from pay pal they are two different companies. They do have a direct deposit option so I will try that and see what the fees are like. I'll update tomorrow with a link.

Note: If you have selected PayPal to process your credit card payments, you cannot pass along to your attendees the processing fee that they charge, unfortunately. You can, however, choose for your attendees to pay the Eventbrite fee, by choosing to ADD fees into total ticket price, as detailed above.
Ticket Sales Are Live, But as I thought there will be a fee put onto you guys. So to make it fair I will have to raise the price on day of dynoers. Please view updated OP
Registration deadline AUG 19, 2012 OR I WILL HAVE TO CANCEL. Please keep in mind If you leave a $20 cash deposit you will only have to pay $30 day off
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